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Want to Feel Less Stressed?

It's Stress Awareness Month and this year's theme is to take action. I have found that sometimes I have found it hard to set boundaries and to say "no" to someone. I'm probably a bit of a people pleaser and recently I realised that I started feeling burnt out, whilst still doing things 'expected of me' for others. This cumulated in me feeling resentment that crept up until I put my foot down and said I couldn't do something that I usually would have done. It made me look at my patterns of behaviour and to realise that it is ok to put my needs first, particularly if I am feeling put upon. I heard a quote recently "I'd rather disappoint you than disappoint myself". It can also be good for the other person to take responsibility for their life. By putting your needs first, you are not being selfish but helping to replenish your energy and lowering your stress levels.

Is there something you can do to lower your stress levels by taking a small step or action? The stress management society has a great 30 day challenge that encourages you to pick one action from physical, mental and emotional wellbeing each day through April, that they say "will maximise your chances of turning useful knowledge and techniques into positive behavioural change". You can download the challenge here.

If this is too much for you download their self-care booklet, giving great tips and advice on how to help yourself, which you can dip into whenever you need. Enjoy

Remember to look after you, take time out, go for a walk or other exercise, eat well, and nourish yourself!


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