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Stress Awareness Month

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

I haven't written for a while as I have been really busy, however I was keen to write a blog post at the beginning of April to coincide with Stress Awareness Month. It is now the last day of the month and I've only just got around to writing this. In the past I would have put pressure on myself to get this done by a certain day and ironically end up feeling stressed. I have, however, learnt in some part due to the course, and also due to the world events over the past two years, that life sometimes has other plans and that being kind to ourselves is key. How can you be kinder to yourself today?

We have all been impacted in some way by the pandemic and it is alarming the number of young people that are now suffering from stress and anxiety. In a survey carried out with 2,438 young people aged 13-25, 67% believed that the pandemic will have a long-term negative effect on their mental health.

The mental health foundation has put together a great blog on tips to look after your mental health during scary world events. Some of their key messages are:

  • take a short break from the news

  • mute or turn off news notifications on your smartphone

  • mute or unfollow social media accounts that are reporting on it

  • or limit your news intake to once a day

If you are suffering with stress and would like some personalised support why not book in with me for a FREE 30 minute call or face-to-face meeting to see how I can help you. I specialise in women and stress management so could be just the help that you need. E-mail Helen at



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