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Intermittent Fasting-Does it really work?

I have dabbled with intermittent fasting, but I've never really stuck to it consistently, but I was so pleased to hear about the recent study, carried out by Kings College, London. It showed that eating within a 10 hour window is associated with more energy, better mood and lower hunger levels. A ten-hour window means limiting your daily eating schedule to ten hours and fasting for the remaining 14 hours. For example, if you eat breakfast at 8am, you must eat your last bite by 6pm.

Some people try more restrictive eating however this study shows that a 10 hour window has positive results. This is great as I feel that this is manageable for people to stick to and isn't too restrictive.

Study details:

This is the largest study to show that intermittent fasting can improve your health. 37,545 people on the ZOE Health app ( a health research project of British company Zoe Limited which uses a mobile app) completed the core intervention period of three weeks. Participants were asked to eat as normal for the first week and then a ten-hour eating window for two weeks.

Nearly three quarters of participants reported improvements in energy, 57% saw their mood improve and 47% felt less hungry. The study showed that the participants who were consistent and practised this daily, had more positive results.

Why not give it a try and see how you feel?



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