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Helen is an empathic and insightful practitioner. During our health coaching sessions I felt listened to and supported. Helen gave me the space to explore what I needed during a challenging period of my life when I was establishing my business and settling into a new town. She helped me to formulate goals and the accountability helped to keep me focused and on track. I’d highly recommend health coaching sessions with Helen.  Michelle

Thank you so much Helen for helping me get back to me, I was really stressed before I met you with everything piling up. You helped me to make small changes that have made a huge difference in how I cope with everyday life. I am calmer and clearer and sleeping better at night. I would highly recommend you.  Sarah

When I met Helen I was feeling that I was no longer in control. I work almost full time, I have children and I run a catering business. I did not know how and where to start my journey to self-recovery. Thanks to my sessions with Helen I was able to focus on one thing at the time, she helped me set smart goals. I was incredibly happy to be able to achieve something as simple as 45 minutes of swimming. I couldn’t wait to share my achievements with her. I noticed I felt more positive (even in the cold winter days!) and definitely felt more energetic. Helen helped me to select strategies that would help me to effectively manage stress in the future and her questioning allowed me to find what works for me. Thanks a million!! Ana

I am perimenopausal and was not able to sleep at night, having hot flushes and low mood. Helen helped me to manage my stress and look at ways to make this transition more manageable. Thanks so much for helping me get my life back. Rebecca

I was perimenopausal when I started having reflexology sessions with Helen, feeling anxious and not myself. I found that I was calmer and clearer after sessions and they have helped me to manage some of my symptoms. Thanks Helen! Sarah

I suffer from M.E and was really struggling to cope with day to day tasks. I came across Helen and started having reflexology which I had never tried. I felt so much better after her sessions and it really seemd to calm my nervous system down. I have been having regular treatments now and can't recommend Helen enough for her calm manner and amazing sessions. Claire

We were struggling to get pregnant and had been trying for over 2 years when I thought I would give fertility reflexology a try. I realise how stressed I had been and how I was holding onto a lot of tension and worry, putting myself under needless pressure. Helen helped me to look at where I could make changes and in combination with the reflexology I started to feel calmer. I couldn't believe that I fell pregnant the following month! I would SO recommend Helen.  Becky

Thanks Helen for supporting me through my pregnancy journey which wasn't always easy, particularly at the start when I didn't fall pregnant. You helped me so much at a really challenging time in my life and we are in such a different place now with our little bubba. I can't thank you enough. Eleanor

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