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What can I expect?

Discovery Call


At first, we will have a telephone call to see how health coaching may help you. You can ask any questions and tell me what is going on for you and I will explain how it works. This is a free call to let us both see whether health coaching is right for you. If we both feel this is right and you want to proceed, we will establish which package will suit you best. 

First Session


On your first session, we will look at your current health, medical history, and lifestyle in detail. This will include stress levels, sleep, digestion, mood, hormonal health, movement, and nutrition, to name a few. We will explore a wellness tool to establish which areas you require initial support, and I will work with you to set relevant goals, that are personal to you, to help you to make manageable positive changes that fit easily into your life. 

Next steps


I will then put together a plan to include these goals and actions that you can start implementing. We will then go through these steps and you will come away with insights, tips, and advice plus helpsheets and useful tools that will inspire and motivate you to make these changes. Depending on which package is best for you will then decide what level of support you have and how many sessions. Please see the packages. 

These sessions will be in person or on Google Meet, whichever suits you best and there will be telephone support in between. There is flexibility around this.

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Do you want to feel more energised and less stressed?

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