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Setting Yourself Manageable Goals in 2024

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

New Year is often a time of contemplation, a time to reflect on what has happened over the last year, and to think about what changes you would like to make in your life, going forward. However, we can often put pressure on ourselves to make goals and plans for the coming year and then feel disappointed if we don’t achieve them. This is often because we set ourselves unrealistic goals and then have no motivation to make a start.

Start by buying yourself a new journal. This in itself can be positive, as you are reinforcing the possibility of a new start. Begin by looking at the positive things that have happened over the last year, this will help get you into a better mindset. Write down what these were, even really small achievements. It is more powerful if you write a list of things that have gone well rather than keeping them in your head. Look over this list and see if there are more things that you can add.

Is there one thing you would like to achieve in 2024? This could be anything, from starting a a new hobby, eating healthier food, connecting with an old friend, or exploring a new exercise. It can be anything that you would like to do, however big or small. If it is a big goal, can you break it down into manageable goals? Is it one goal or several goals? The smaller the goals are broken down, the more likely you are to make a start.

Give your goal a time frame, for example, if you would like to start a new hobby by the end of March 2024. Look at how you could break this down;

For example; What hobby would you like to start? Write down what you are drawn to when watching TV or reading. What have you always fancied doing? What lights you up? Go through the list and put them in numerical order of things that you would love to do. Pick one thing to do.

Once you have decided what it is, you can research possibilities. Is there a local college that runs courses on your specified hobby? Do they run them at a time that suits you? Can you work online? Could you follow a YouTube video or listen to a Podcast in your own time? Can you buy or borrow a book and learn about your hobby? Is there someone you know who could teach you?

Once you have answered questions about how doing the hobby could fit into your life and how it will work, start putting some entries in your diary for starting your hobby and what needs to be done. e.g If you would like to learn how to make cushion covers, research books on soft furnishing for beginners, by the end of February. Find out if you could borrow or buy a sewing machine by 10th March,  see if the library has the book or buy the book for yourself by mid-March. By March 20th look at material at the local market to make cushions with. You get the picture. This can be done for whatever goal you have just by breaking it down and putting a timeline in your diary. 

This timeline can be spread over a longer or shorter time-frame depending on what suits you, try to make these dates manageable with when you feel you could achieve these by, don’t over schedule and then find you can’t fit everything in. Also don’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage to do the task by a specified date, things can change or be moved.

As well as writing the actions in your diary, write them down on a list and then tick them off once done. The act of something being completed has a positive impact on us and can often spur us on to do the next action.

By breaking down the steps it can feel less overwhelming. Once you have achieved the goal, how do you feel? If you need personalised support why not schedule a call to see how health coaching can help you.


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