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Reflections during lockdown

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

This month is stress awareness month and it is very appropriate for how some people will be feeling currently in the lockdown. Media reports of the virus, worries about money and not being able to do certain things to name but a few, may be impacting you. Read one of my previous blogs on managing stress and how to cope here.

There are some positives from this time including an increase in wildlife, less pollution and people having the time and space to stop and reassess what is important.

There are also many online sights including the National Theatre who are putting on a show each week that you can see for free. There are also virtual sights, go to uk and you can find some highlights including Edinburgh zoo which includes a web cam so you can see some of the animals. Also the National Garden scheme are showing some online tours of beautiful gardens. Also check out this website which also gives information on how to see some beautiful online gardens from home.

I'm also doing Les Mills workouts (you can get online for a month for free), they include body combat, dance, body balance and lots more.

I have found it a good time to get in touch with nature and making time to do things I don't usual find time for like reading, journalling, cooking more and walking most days. I have also started painting again, I'm not that good but it is a great escape and I love to get absorbed in the process.

As they say 'this time shall pass'. We will look back at this strange historic moment and think 'what was that all about'. I have learnt to savour small moments, cherish my loved ones and think about what really matters, I hope to carry that on after we get back to some semblance of 'normality'.


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