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Do you want to have more energy, feel motivated and happier? As a health coach & reflexologist, specialising in women and stress, I can support and guide you to make lifestyle changes that help equip you with the tools needed to feel calmer and more balanced. Find out more here.

Most women have many demands that they are dealing with in their everyday lives, which can lead to stress and overwhelm. Hormones can also have a big impact on how women feel. Sleep fluctuations, depleted energy, digestive problems, and low mood can really affect how we function from day-to-day. In a world of increasing health challenges, with limited time and resources from GPs, health coaching can give you the personal support to help make informed changes. These can make a real difference to your overall health and you will learn methods that you can use now and in the future to feel better. If you would prefer a hands-on approach, reflexology can help with managing your stress, and helping to calm the nervous system.         

How Can I Make a Difference?

Helen Blacker BSc(Hons), MAR, MAAR, Health Coach DipCNM 

I use all my skills and background to help you to implement manageable changes to enable you to feel less stressed and happier. I will support you in breaking through any resistance and guiding you along the way. Our health coaching sessions will be inspiring and make a difference to how you feel. 

If you would prefer reflexology, this can really help with calming the nervous system. I am certified by the UK Health Coaching Association, the College of Naturopathic Medicine, and the Association of Reflexology.

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Feeling stressed and want some tips to help you relax and sleep better?

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